Sunday, April 26, 2015

Part 2 of Blog Post #5

PLN Summary

Throughout the semester, myself and the other EDM 310 students have been exposed to a variety of contacts that will prove essential with furthering the growth of our respected Personal Learning Networks. The original sets that students had the opportunity to download are great jumping-off points; however, I believe that the exposure we've received is far more beneficial. We have had several speakers come into the classroom as well as numerous contacts added to our C4T assignments that provide even more insight and potential to helping us future educators in the future if we need to call upon a professional for help or guidance. Here are a few options that I have deemed appropriate for my own PLN system:

These are just a few in comparison to the educators at the University of South Alabama that are willing to be a part of my PLN. I will be able to use educators from past courses dating back as far as high school to the teachers I will come in contact with near and around the world. 

I hope everyone has enjoyed the process of growing their PLN! It has been an interesting and insightful journey! Keep searching!

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