Sunday, April 19, 2015

Blog Post # 13

What Did I leave out?

Throughout this semester, collectively, the EDM 310 classes have learned about a variety of new technology and have been invited time and time again to go out and search on their own. In my concentration, Secondary Edu./ English, I believe a good blog post assignment would consist of using these technologies:

  • Eaver: this tool allows you to record a Skype call. It is free if you record under five minute increments. I would have my students find a modern novelist and attempt to conduct a proper interview with them via Skype being that it would be the easier option. 
  • Popplet: is a great tool for organizing thoughts, collaborating ideas, and an interactive tool that allows students to work off of a central idea and make it grow. This tool will be so helpful when prepping for essays and other written works. This will even be a great collaborative tool among groups during group projects.

The Lesson:"A Poem of Growth"

1. Students will get on Padlet and will be given the simple task-as a group-to answer the question "What is growth?"

2. The groups will answer the question by stating six central characteristics or traits of 'growth'.

3. The task will be to write a poem starting as a four line stanza-rhyme scheme unnecessary-that will use their first thoughts on their original six characteristics.

4. The first four lines will be added to a blog post with appropriate blog items: atl+tag modifiers, images, and links to one of their favorite poet's poem via an accredited virtual library.

5. Over the course of a month the student will watch and read the following videos and blogs on 'growth':

6. The groups will then add their ideas to Popplet and use the central idea of 'What is Growth?' and fill in their original six ideas and then continue adding to it.

7. By assignment posting day students will individually add four more lines to their first stanza.

8. This will continue until all 16 lines are written. 

9. Then post full poem all together.

10. Students will create an extensive self- and peer-evaluation of their personal and group member's growth. 

11. They will be exercising Self-Reflection and Evaluation. As well, they will be adhering to the rules of writing a proper blog post, research, and creative writing while using technology.

Hope you enjoy my "What did I leave out?" blog idea! Go Jags!

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