Sunday, April 26, 2015

Final C4K- April

Throughout the semester I have had the opportunity to comment on some pretty amazing bloggers' pages!

This month I commented twice on a young lady's blog. Her name is Tressie.

The first blog she wrote about the different forms of narration found in literature. This was truly exciting to me that she not only recognized the difference but was able to loosely grasp the importance of the various forms of narration. She remained curious and researched on her own to find out more.

Her second post was about the concept of being kind over being right. I believe her response of being kind in a situation over being right is the better choice. For her to understand this concept and to want to inhibit the ideal of being kind and not prideful to all ages is a wonderful thing to witness.
She truly is able to express herself via her blogging. I am glad to see that students are able to express themselves, explore new concepts, and truly expand their horizons via blogging. This semester has taught me so much and my interactions with students through the C4K program has been truly humbling and insightful. I cannot wait to make a difference in my students' lives and expand their writing experiences through blogging just as the teachers from which these students come from. Thank you for the opportunity!

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