Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Blog Post 1

1.) I was told directly by former EDM students to always have a laptop. It is a technology driven course.
2.) My main continuing fear is that I would fall behind trying to keep up with functions relating to smart board actions.
3.) I have only taken one typing course in high school and its functions were mainly to inhibit faster and more proficient typists.
4.) Coherently understanding the due dates. I'm used to a grid of due dates instead of assignments mixed into a full document of ongoing information. I will adapt.
5.) The best way for me to overcome is to adapt. Learn to change and wrap my head around it with some practice.
6.) No questions at this time.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

First Practice Post

1. Introduction to what education means to me. a.) History of education and me. b.) turbulent past. c.) specification of study, English. 2. How I intend to further the Education process a.) My love for English b.) my drive to open minds c.) the joy reading, writing, and speaking bring to the world. 3. Who am I to be a Leader, an Educator a.) My poetic beginnings b.) My family history c.) My innate intellect and drive for more.
My name is Kelia Siobahn Fagan. I am a Mobile native and have grown up for the better part of my twenty years here in the south. I have traveled through most of the country on my family's endeavors to broaden my horizon. In my travels through parts of the mid-west and the north eastern region of the country I was able to have a better grasp of my home. From these travels I knew I would only want more. My life's goal is to serve this great nation and be able to see the world through my military career. My father first steered my wandering soul towards the sea. I have been a sailor longer than I could remember. Even after the winds and hurricanes have wreaked havoc on our vessel; the Reprieve will sail again. I always loved the University of South Alabama due to the fact that I practically grew up here. My father, Kevin Fagan, was a student here for the vast majority of my life. I've watched this campus grow just as I have throughout my whole life. South Alabama has allowed me to grow in ways I never thought possible. From Day 1, at Orientation, I saw the Army ROTC booth and instantly became interested. Upon, putting the uniform on my person I knew instantly this was my calling. Aside from my fruitful military career I've always loved education. Opening the minds and broadening the ideals of young minds is truly a glorious thing. Unfortunately, with the rise of technology the art of turning a page or getting lost in a book is all but lost to the rising generations. My drive and my goal is to change that in the minds of middle or high school students. For educators today it has become a struggle to gain the short attention of the fast pace students of today. I am of almost direct Irish decent. My full name is Gaelic, an almost dead language spoken by the Celtic people. I have one tattoo. I have five dogs. I work for University of South Alabama Police Auxiliary force. I'm on the Army ROTC Color Guard. "Love at a young age is a gilded youth", Kelia Fagan.

Test 2

Test 2.

My Test Post Title

Hey this is Kelia Fagan! This is my first blog! I am now a blogger with EDM 310! Go Jags!