Sunday, May 3, 2015

Technology and Teaching: Ms. Fagan's Way

Teaching with Tech

 Technology is becoming more of a necessity than merely the fun and exciting gadgets we grew up with. It is a tool that is fluid and will change with the growing demands of the world. As an educator it is my duty to ensure the likelihood of my students' success by instilling a sense of wonder in the world to continue searching for answers, a pride in their work, and the tools necessary to achieve these goals.

pinterest.comOriginally, I believed technology to be trivial to my classroom in particular. That has changed irrevocably at the end of this semester. Though in order to maintain stability and control of my classroom and lessons I must ensure that a few tenants are followed. They read as such:
  • Be Relevant
  • Be Internet Citizens
  • Be Positive
  • Be Open to new ideas
  • Be There for your students***
The last one is the most important of them all. This is a lesson I learned long ago in a simple summer job. "Be There" for people. Doing this for our students is the simplest thing to ask for; but, can be a challenging task to be held up to. I believe with the many apps Google has to offer that I will be able to BE THERE for my students and to interact on a wider scale. 

Technology is the next step towards a brighter future for our students. It is our responsibility to stay up to date, open, and excited about new tools that can pose even more possibilities in the lives of our students. 

Final Reflection